Fruit of the Light

Founded in 2020, FOTL is a jewelry brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The name FOTL, which means ‘Fruit of the Light,’ was given to the image of small pieces of glass shining under the light, just like fruit. The creator is inspired by our daily life and delicately crafts each product in the presence of light. Our glass products are all handmade, so they each have slightly different shapes, but they are precious in their uniqueness, much like our diverse lives, bringing light to our ordinary life.


company: FOTL / owner:jimin lee / phonnumber:010-2142-5671/ office:202,29, Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
/ business license :361-22-00848 / mailorder license:2019- SeongnamA-0918
/cpo: jimin lee (

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